This week’s Prayer guide

This week’s theme: gratitude
Despite being created in the image of God, we are deeply flawed. Even those of us who have recognized our need for salvation in Christ fall short. Time and again, we rest in this world and listen to the voice of the tempter. But our good, good Father forgives us, over and again. For that alone, we can be truly grateful. We have a great future in the Kingdom once this life is done. Thank you, Lord Jesus. And until that day arrives, we can be grateful for the company of others in the church. We give God thanks for the beauty of creation, for food, shelter and clothing. The list goes on and is seemingly endless.

Take a moment and search for the song “Thank you, Lord” by Don Moen.

I come before You today
And there’s just one thing that I want to say
Thank You Lord thank You Lord
For all You’ve given to me
For all the blessings that I cannot see
Thank You Lord thank You Lord
With a grateful heart with a song of praise
With an outstretched arm I will bless Your name . . .”
A prayer guide for the week to come:

Monday – Holy Father, we are thankful for each commissioner to Assembly. We ask that you be with them as they continue to read the reports. Grant them adequate time to prayerfully consider each recommendation. Guard them from any temptation to see with worldly eyes; grant each of them the desire to seek the mind of Christ.

Tuesday – God of the angelic chorus, we are grateful for those who have musical gifts. May they be grateful for their abilities and may their hearts and minds be tuned to your unwavering spirit. Father, may the heart of worship in every sederunt be directed to You alone and not the longings of our hearts.

Wednesday – Almighty Master, author of truth, we thank you for those men and women who are anointed with the ability to proclaim the Word. As they prepare to bring that word to Assembly, may they do so in humble and grateful submission to You. Grant them prophetic words and the strength to deliver your truth.

Thursday – God of David, we thank you for the one who will be chosen as moderator of Assembly. We are grateful for the gift of leadership at all levels of the church. Father, continue to grant your servant the ability to prepare heart, mind, body and soul for each sederunt. May he moderate in fairness and in truth.

Friday – God of order, we thank you for the clerks of Assembly and all those who work to prepare and train commissioners. We gratefully acknowledge scripturally-inspired polity and we ask that the clerks, moderator and commissioners submit to Godly order.

Saturday – God of progress, we are so grateful for technology to communicate and meet across great distances. We are thankful for those on the help desk and those who are (and will be) working behind the scenes. We pray for technology to aid rather than impede discussion and decisions. Sunday – As we gather in our congregations, we are grateful for the freedom to assemble and worship. May we worship you not only in spirit, in truth and in confession but also with grateful hearts. May we carry this heart of worship from the opening sederunt throughout the Assembly.
This week’s prayer is authored by Rev. Andy Cornel


1) As we offer our prayers of thanks today let us remember those who suffer hurt and oppression because they put their trust in Jesus.

Pray for the safety of those who cannot meet in public to worship, and pray that religious freedom and democracy will be everyone’s birthright.

 2) Believers praying for their neighbours and then being available to them with a servant heart is simply doing the will of God.

Who is your neighbour? Any person who is nearby, a friend in church, a family member, friend, fellow worker, classmate, or other acquaintance, they are your neighbours. In Luke 10, Jesus describes a neighbour as someone you meet on life’s road and now may need your help.

Call out their names when you talk to God.

Today we can pray for the Social well being of our neighbours: calling for God to strengthen their families; that broken relationships be restored; that they will be content with the lifestyle they can afford and there will be no stress from lack of advancement.  Pray that there be a spirit of love in their families and that there be no hurtful remarks, sarcasm, or bullying anywhere in their homes.

Please use these topics as your prayer guide through the week.

Prayer is just a conversation with God, expressing the joys of knowing Him and giving thanks for the many blessings He has bestowed upon you. He is also ready to answer your prayers and give you, in His time, the things you ask for. Remember the words of James in chapter 5 verse 16 “The prayers of the righteous person achieve much”.

Bear in mind the laws of nature and your need will influence and determine the outcome of your prayers.   ….. In other words don’t ask to live to 120. 🙂

I believe there is great power in corporate prayer so if you have a prayer topic that you would like us to pray over please let me know. God Bless.

The prayer Jesus taught us.

Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be your name. May your Kingdom come to us and may your will be done here on earth, as it is in heaven. Please give to us our daily bread and forgive our sins and help us forgive those who sin against us. Save us from times of temptation Lord and deliver us from all things evil. For the Kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen.