Renewal Fellowship August prayer guide

This Month’s Renewal Fellowship Prayer Calendar Requests

Monday, August 1 – Pray that the Mixed Bag Camp for children, hosted by Grace Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, this week, may be a blessing to the campers and leaders.

Tuesday, August 2 – Pray for The Pulse Podcast with Matthew Ruttan, that the interview topics and weekly Bible studies may be an effective ministry for people’s faith.

Wednesday, August 3 – Translation of the Tayal Bible began in the 1950s, led by Presbyterian Church in Canada missionary Clare McGill. The complete Tayal Bible is now being printed in Korea. Pray that it may be a great blessing to the 100 Tayal Presbyterian Churches.

Thursday, August 4 – Pray for the Bass River Pastoral Charge as they attempt to get back on their feet after COVID and discern the Lord’s call in central New Brunswick.

Friday, August 5 – Give thanks to God for the sacrificial financial generosity of so many supporters who enable the Renewal Fellowship to influence the Presbyterian Church in Canada for good.

Saturday, August 6 – Pray that God may still the voices of negativity within our congregations and overcome them with His love.

Sunday, August 7 – Pray for the house church services in the Cariboo, British Columbia, and for the ministry team of the Cariboo Mission, as they seek to move the ministry forward in new ways, training up local leaders and exploring uses of technology.

Monday, August 8 – Pray that the evil of human trafficking may be defeated, and that the traffickers who seek to exploit young people may be caught and face justice.

Tuesday, August 9 – International Day of Indigenous Peoples – Pray for those in ministry with indigenous people, that they may be led by the Holy Spirit as they seek to be supportive, loving, and helpful.

Wednesday, August 10 – Pray for the mission work supported by Lakeshore St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Tecumseh, Ontario, that the Lord’s hands may surround Mark and Gretchen Potma and Becky Ferguson in Czech Republic, and John and Wendy Reaume in Nigeria.

Thursday, August 11 – Join Threefold Ministries in praying for families in Nicaraguan communities during this rainy season, that they might find secure shelter – physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Friday, August 12 – Pray for the youth at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, that they may grow in love, truth, and holiness.

Saturday, August 13 – Pray for Paris Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ontario, as they renovate their child and youth space, that this space may become a place that engages with the families in their community.

Sunday, August 14 – Pray for congregations seeking to encounter today’s culture with the good news of Jesus Christ, that God may show them how to engage people of all ages.

Monday, August 15 – Pray that the leaders of our sister Korean Han-Ca congregations across Canada may have wisdom and vision looking to the future.

Tuesday, August 16 – Pray for the individuals, congregations, and presbyteries that are seeking God’s direction, now that the definitions of marriage and ordination have been changed by the 146th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Wednesday, August 17 – Pray for the Holy Spirit’s vision and discernment among the leaders and congregation of First Presbyterian Church, Kenora, Ontario, as they seek to work together.

Thursday, August 18 – Pray for the adults across the country living with an intellectual disability who worship with us.

Friday, August 19 – Pray for the typesetting of the Bunun Bible, in preparation by our missionary Paul McLean and team since 2012, slated for publication in early 2023.

Saturday, August 20 – Pray for the interim moderators of smaller pastoral charges as they seek to guide and support them as they to continue to serve their communities.

Sunday, August 21 – Pray that each of our congregations may be blessed with a spirit of excitement as they prepare for a new year of ministry this September.

Monday, August 22 – Pray for students and faculty at Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Knox College, Toronto, Ontario, and Presbyterian College, Montreal, Quebec, as they begin another year of studies.

Tuesday, August 23 – Pray for the persecuted church around the world, that God may make His presence known to them, may give us all courage, and may teach us in the free world how to help.

Wednesday, August 24 – Intercede for the Board of the Renewal Fellowship and its chairperson, Deborah Stimphil, that they may be given the resources required to guide the Fellowship in making its vision a reality.

Thursday, August 25 – Pray that we may be protected from any root of bitterness in our souls and granted such amazing grace in our interaction with others with whom we may differ that the reputation of Jesus would be enhanced.

Friday, August 26 – Thank the Lord for Kyoungsoo Hwang, whose gifts and commitment as Administrative Assistant of the Renewal Fellowship help us to be effective as a ministry. Pray that God may encourage her heart.

Saturday, August 27 – Pray for First Presbyterian Church, Trail, British Columbia, as they prepare for their Family Camp in September, that God may be glorified.

Sunday, August 28 – Pray for Bethel Presbyterian Church, Riverview, New Brunswick, as the congregation seeks to be a faithful witness to Christ’s love and grace in the community.

Monday, August 29 – Pray for the Alpha program which is starting at Paris Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ontario, that people may invite others to join them and through the course people may meet Jesus.

Tuesday, August 30 – Pray for the Malawi Prison Ministry and the new initiative to provide theological training to the men and women inmates.

Wednesday, August 31 – Give thanks for the faithful, Christ-centred leadership of ruling and teaching elders across our denomination. Pray that they may know the blessing of God in their lives and be a blessing to the churches they serve.