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A life size depiction of St Columba, at the Heritage centre in Ireland.

 Pentecost. “With a sound like a rushing mighty wind the spirit of the Lord descended on them like tongues of fire”.

The St. Columba Heritage Centre as it sits on the shore of Lough Gartan in north central Co. Donegal in Ireland.
The high cross of St. Columba


about 20 vendors displaying their wares.  We will do this again   Come at 8:30 to get set up before the shoppers come.

Liquidate your unwanted items and have extra cash. Trading Spots are free, with tables for the first ten.  Dogs & Drinks $2:00. The proceeds from these goes to charity.  Last year we sent it to a local sch



Join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 am.

For a wonderful experience at a spirit  based Christian camp on the Sunshine Coast of Beautiful British Columbia. July and August is the season for children of all ages, — like

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A wonderful day for the little church with the big welcome.

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