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Welcome to the website of St. Columba Presbyterian Church at 2196 East 44th Ave. in Vancouver, BC.  This site (like most others) is a work in progress and will be expanded as we evolve and embed the features of WordPress.

Have a look at the different pages and leave a comment if you wish, but come back often as we will be adding sermons and pictures etc. as we “progress”. Thanks and God bless.


Click on the URL below to learn more about Reformation Day and why it was necessary.



Click on the URL below to learn more about dethroning despots and bringing basic human rights and peace to the world.


Dear amazing Avaazers,

ImkerWe win many victories together — like on bees last week. And now any one of us can start a campaign, by ourselves, in minutes. German beekeepers started a petition that got noticed by citizens across the country, then the media, then the government. Start your petition now on any issue that you care about — and it could be shared with thousands:

Sign the petition

We win a lot of victories together, but any one of us can get the ball rolling all by ourselves. Remember that huge win we just had on bees? Well a big part of it was due to a campaign *started* by Avaaz members!

The German vote was crucial to Europe deciding to ban dangerous pesticides. When a group of German beekeepers heard that Germany was likely to vote no, they used our new community tool to start their own petition. Soon over 150,000 people had signed from across the country, their petition had caught the eye of the media and, together with Avaaz staff, they delivered their call to the government!

A day later, Germany switched its vote — helping to pass the Europe-wide ban and save our bees. All it took was a few minutes to start a petition on an issue these amazing beekeepers cared about. And you don’t have to be a beekeeper or an expert or a campaigner to do the same — just click below to get started:

After creation God charged Man to keep the earth but today large corporations spew chemicals with reckless abandon harming this wonderful creation.

Click on the URL below to learn more about these dangerous chemicals.



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